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Geek Bar offers a perfect way to experience the world of vaping, with their top-notch disposables. Their simple yet powerful designs set them apart and can provide up to 550 puffs per vape! From sweet or savory flavors like Mango Puddingcake and Sweet Tobacco, there’s something for everyone – even those who want 20Mg nic salt options. Plus we offer an extensive range of Geek Vape pods and kits too!

Get ready for a smooth, flavourful vaping experience with Puff Bars and Disposable Vapes! Enjoy award-winning taste from the Geek Bar and Vampire Vape range of pre-filled e-liquid or nic salts in varying nicotine strengths. These single use vapes come equipped with an internal battery that allows you to take effortless draws – perfect for those just beginning their journey into vaping. Explore all your flavour choices today – ranging from 0Mg through to 20Mg options.

Geek Bar – Best Choice For Flavour

Geek Bars provide the ultimate vape experience, offering an extensive range of over 20 mouth-watering flavours and top performance from certified devices with up to 500+ puffs. Now featuring delicious Vampire Vape flavourings for even more vaping pleasure! Enjoy it all in a stylish disposable design that won’t break your budget – Geek Bar vapes are definitely something to geek out about!

Best Performance

With an expansive selection of sizes and styles to choose from, Geek Bar offers the perfect disposable vape for every kind of vaper. Whether you’re a fan of classic flavours like fruit or tobacco, or looking to try something new with options including ice and menthol – there’s sure to be something in their range that will hit the spot. Each standard device comes with 2MLs worth of nicotine salt e-liquid as well as 500mAh internal battery capable holding up 575 puffs before having it thrown out!

How do you use a Geek Bar?

Vaping has never been easier with the simple and convenient Geekbar. Get ready for a smooth puff of flavourful nic salt e-liquid; no tanks to fill, no buttons to press – just unpack it and go! No fussing around charging your device or searching high & low for flavours – this pre-filled piece is perfect when you want fast vaping satisfaction.

How long does a Geek Bar last?

Get ready for up to two days of satisfaction with the Geek Bar Disposable Vape! This amazing device offers a lengthy 500-550 puffs – equivalent to 30-40 cigarettes and designed so you can savor every last drop of delicious flavour.

How do I know when my Geek Bar has finished?

Vaping is a great way to enjoy your favorite flavors, but it can be disappointing when nothing happens after taking that puff. If you don’t get any vapor or there’s no power indicator light up, then the battery has likely run out of juice and needs replacing – time for a new device!

What happens when my Geek Bar runs out of e-liquid?

Dreading the nasty taste of a dry-hit? Geekbar’s got your back! The advanced tech ensures that you won’t get any disappointing surprises – no matter how low on e-liquid. When compared to conventional vape kits, this new breed offers an extra layer of protection for smooth vaping experiences every time.

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