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Vapers seeking the perfect balance of performance and style need look no further than Lost Mary OS5000 Vapes. These remarkable disposables come complete with an ergonomically-designed shell, mesh coil for enhanced flavor, USB-C charging cable to recharge them when needed, a powerful 650mAh battery – plus LED lights that indicate power levels so you can vape on without worry! And as if all this wasn’t enough – they also boast 13mls of premium quality vape juice giving us even more reason to love our Lost Mary’s.

Get ready to find your perfect vape with Lost Mary OS5000! Ergonomic and stylish, this rechargeable disposable device is equipped with a battery indicator LED in green (high), blue (medium) or red (low). On top of that, the built-in 650mAh charger powers an impressive 13ml tank for maximum flavor. Plug it in using its USB-C charging cable and you’re on your way to vaping bliss.