This was my first time visiting and I have to say that I'm impressed. The employees here were all very knowledgeable and helpful. I didn't have too long of a wait before we were called back to shop. We ended up getting exotic carts. I got a chocolate bar and hard candy. For the price, I believe both products worked well. It appears that they had a large selection of bud, drops, pills, etc.

Lucas Perry

we had no intention of buying flower, but they had some fire strains & prices. I still can't believe this palace exists. They have the best deals for recreational flower. Thanks to weed maps for bringing us here.

Felix Weld

I visit this site every week. Good product, solid service, and quick in and out. Everything you could ask for in a neighborhood dispo.

Stefanie Rashford

This is my favorite online dispensary! I visit all the time. Great prices, great service, great bud! Highly recommend you join their list for discounts

John Collins

Went here for the 5-star yelp review, and it is not a bad little spot. The workers were friendly but didn't have as much of a select as I hoped. Still a pleasant experience, just a "Meah" experience.

Charlotte Cook is the best quality dispensary in its price range, bar none, and it just so happens to also have the best price with there $14/gram of concentrates deal. They also have decent selections of live resin and edibles as well. Their weakest point is the flower itself, in my opinion. Tends to burn quick and get dry very easily. That much is a preference, however, as their cannabinoid percentages are top-notch. Bottom line, if you want some quality stuff at an incredible price, this is the place to come.

Ava Shelly

This is the best dispensary in the state of Colorado's hands down. they have the best customer service and they consistently have the best product. I'm not sure what more you could ask for?

Henry Ashton

Amazing prices and a super helpful, friendly staff. Detrick answered every single one of our questions and was very kind. I would definitely recommend this dispensary to everyone!!

Charles Rogers